Partner Tecnologici

Electricity meter, 3 phase, Active energy Cl. 0,5 S & C, Reactive energy Cl. 2

Electrical quantity measuring unit for LV 1P+N, 3P, 3P+N networks.

Power Analyzer with 4 LEDs that show at the same time system parameters.Interface RS485.

DIN rail-mounted power meter that offers all the measurement an electrical installation.

Static Meter with MID certification submetering applications for voltage networks.

Energy analyzer with over 60 readings including min-max voltage and max. current.

Energy Analyzer & Data Manager microprocessor based (Dual Core Cortex-M4)

Multifunction three-phase meter connectable to MFC150 Rogowski coils.

DIN 96x96 Multifunction three-phase with 3 MFC150 Rogowski coils.

Network analyser which allow effective measurement of single-phase or three-phase electrical parameters.

Micro digital processed that allows measurements of 44 parameters in AC electrical systems.

DIRIS A40 and A41 are measurement units that give all the necessary measures for energy efficiency and analyzes.


Fixed ultrasonic Heat Meter for continuous measurement of volumetric flow and heat energy.


10 digital inputs module with self-powered 16V DC shared negative pole.

Expansion module with 4 universal analog inputs + 2 analog outputs mA/V.


Temperature sensor with S-Bus or Modbus connection.

CO2, humidity and temperature sensor. 3 x 0–10 V outputs.