The Cloud platform, designed and developed by Acotel, provides an easily customizable web interface for the management of your system.
Energy meter Manages the service's advanced features. The data and the events collected from the devices are processed, aggregated and compared according to the needs of the customer, to allow in-depth and personalized analysis of energy consumption.
Energy meter The trend of the measured quantities is represented by simple and intuitive graphics, which enable the analysis of consumption and costs.
Energy meter User can define custom alarms for any event and set the level of severity.

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Energy meter MULTI SERVICE Easy navigation between Acotel Net services
From the header menu of the platform Acotel Net you can navigate between your various active services or enable new ones. Just select - on top left - the name of the service you are using to view a list of your services.
Energy meter BUSINESS & CONSUMER Different interfaces for different customers
Acotel Net services are designed to suit customers with different needs and it's for this reason that, even within the same platform and with the same potential, some services have simpler screens or some advanced functionalities hidden. Every customer has his own tailor-made service!
Energy meter
Energy meter
DASHBOARD Configurable monitoring
and control panels
Energy meter
Energy meter
Energy meter
GRAPHICS Customizable graphs for data analysis
Energy meter
Energy meter
REPORT Configuring periodic
Energy meter
Energy meter TAG Create your own tags for searching and setting rules
Energy meter CALENDARS & TIME SLOTS Schedule and program
Energy meter ALLARMS Notifications in real time
Energy meter GLOBAL ALARMS Group alarms Global Alarms function, unlike normal alarms, allows to set notifications of a group of devices
Energy meter VIRTUAL METERS Comparing virtual variables and consumption With virtual meters you can create all the necessary indicators for detailed analysis of your systems
Energy meter TARIFF CONFIGURATION Controlling costs and revenues Advanced features of the platform allow to configure an electric tariff and assign it to a device
Energy meter
USERS MANAGEMENT Multi-User permission for multiple user profiles Define custom user permissions for different user profiles using our platform. The data visible to each user profile (administrator, executive, guest, etc.) can be customized by setting appropriate permission level.

The Cloud platform Acotel Net collects the consumption data detected by the various devices that make up your system.

You can use the Gateways produced and sold directly by Acotel or use the devices already installed at your site if they are compatible with our platform.

See all supported devices here.

Acotel Net Cloud platform is constantly changing and open to any kind of integration. If you already have a monitoring system but your devices are not in the list of supported products contact us.