Filtro ES
Connection adapter

The ES Filter makes it possible to connect the ES (*) card on energy meters and from here to the MEM Industry gateways for the purpose of reading active and reactive power, for both consumed energy as well as generated energy going back to the grid.

  • Only to be used with
    MEM type gateways
  • Equiped with its own power supply, it also charges the battery of the gateway
  • It can be connected to 1 or 2 MEM Industry
    (for mono-directional or bi-directional meters)
filter card es

(*) Business customers MT with a GME type meter can request from their power distributor de installation of the ES Card (Signal Transmitter) to detect measurements in real time.


Casing ELBAG MR6/BHD AL, ABS 107x39x96mm Grey
Degree of Protection IP 20
Dimensions 6 Din modules, 107x39x96mm
Other characteristics 6 fast fuses 27mA, 1 fast fuse 135 mA
Power Supply Power pack 9-17 V DC
Accessories Power Supply, Jack (LiPo MEM Recharge),
Jack (MEM signal delivery) another Jack is available on request
External Connections Inputs, outputs and power supply are located on the terminal board
Acquired Variables Active Energy taken, Reactive Energy taken, Tariff slot RL1, Tariff slot Range RL2,
Active Energy supplied, Reactive Energy supplied
Communication Channels 6 inputs (for open collector contacts) + 4 digital outputs 3V dc
Marking CE
Regulation Compliance EN 61326-1; ETSI EN 301 489-7