Maximum productivity and optimized operations of photovoltaic systems are achieved by ensuring frequent visits to the production site, constant maintenance activities, and earliest possible intervention when malfunctions or technical failures are detected.

Usecase energy
Thanks to Acotel Energy, managers of Photovoltaic systems can remotely monitor their systems anytime via the web. With this feature, the managers can now avoid expensive site visits, constant maintenance activities, and technical problems can be handled at the earliest. Thus, the managers can make maximum use of the available resources to maximize production and profitability of the plants.
"Remote" monitoring of the productivity and profitability.
  • Our solution offers the capability to remotely monitor, manage and read the production data of the plant.
  • Readings can be obtained every 5 minutes or by custom time intervals based on the requirements.
  • Managers can monitor, manage and read data from multiple plants simultaneously.
  • Automated accounting and analysis of the generated revenue every 15 minutes.
  • Real time information of all electrical paramters (active and reactive energy, power, power factors, voltage, current, etc.) available remotely and accessible via the web.
  • Examine the influence of solar radiation and temperature changes and control the plant productivity.
  • Managers managing complex systems (commercial, industrial or residential) can instantly monitor any amount of energy generated during production, consumed for residental or commerical purpose and exchanged with the grid.
"CUSTOMIZED SMART ALARMS" minimize financial loss
  • Alarms can be set to monitor "zero" production.
  • Set alarms to monitor minimum daily production threshold and the alarms are triggered if daily production is lower than threshold.
  • Dectection and notification for other variables being monitored. E.g.: poor sunlight during maximum productivity hours, null values or abnormal voltage, etc.
Performance of plants analysis through on-demand and periodic reports
  • Analysis of real production levels compared to the previously set minimum threshold for custom (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly) time periods.
  • Compare production levels for different time intervals and analyze the difference between real and theoretical power output values.
  • Management and analysis of the generated revenue from one plant or multiple plants simultaneously.
  • Analysis of predefined KPI's or custom defined KPI's in a personalized manner.
Photovoltaic Energy Management
Submetering Energy Management
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