Hotel Energy Consumption Monitoring
Today, the hotel industry is facing new challenges to remain competitive due to ever-increasing energy costs and room & service rate competition.

Usecase energy

Thanks to Energy Acotel, hotel companies can now monitor and reduce their energy costs through our simple and effective solution, thereby combining the energy saving needs of the hotel with providing greater comfort to its customers while being competitive.
Control of the energy consumption of a hotel
  • Monitor total consumption and also expand the solution to monitor sub-sections of the hotel providing precise control and optimized management of all the sections of the hotel.
  • Monitor and manage multiple hotels simultaneously via a single account.
  • Analysis of energy consumption and cost based on the time of the year or customized time periods.
  • Area wise analysis of energy consumption and associated costs. E.g.: swimming pool, sauna, kitchen, restaurant, etc.
  • Hotel owners or managers can identify hotels with higher energy consumption having similar charateristics (same number of rooms, surface area, etc.) within the group.
  • Monitor and manage the autonomous electricity generating systems (photovoltaic plants, etc.).
Accounting of real energy consumption and cost
  • Automated cost calculation based on the energy rate agreed by the hotel with the energy provider.
  • Granularity of cost analyzed for custom time intervals with the minimum time interval of 15 minutes.
  • Analysis and Identification of the daily consumption brackets. This allows "Budget" or "Low cost" hotels to fix the room price based on that room's consumption.
"TAILOR MADE" alarms detect problems in real time
  • Alarms are notified via SMS, email and the web platform.
  • Alarms are triggered if power outages are detected for the entrie hotel or sections of the hotel.
  • Set alarms for electrical parameters and the alarms will be triggered in real time if failures or abnormal levels are detected.
  • Alarms will be triggered to identify wastage or leakage. E.g.: if is unnecessary consumption in an unoccupied room.
  • Raise alarms if access doors of reserved rooms are left open.
  • Set alarms for refrigerated rooms to monitor the temperature. The alarms will be triggered if the temperature levels are high or above required levels for prolonged periods.
Automation enhances comfort and eliminates waste
Systems can be controlled and managed on an hourly basis via automation.
A few examples:
  • Automated lighting control for the common areas (lobby, corridors, fitness room, etc.) depending on the time of the day or natural light.
  • Set minimum and maximum temperature on the thermostat and remotely control them to combine energy savings with maximum comfort level for the guests in their rooms or common areas.
  • Automatic control of air conditioning and heating systems of the individual rooms or common areas.
  • Automated door opening and closing control via our web based dashboard.
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