Retail operations of banks and post offices are carried out throughout the country at hundreds or thousands of branches. However, they are not the same when it comes to size, type of centers and energy consumption.

Usecase energy
Thanks to Acotel Energy, it is now possible to have a centralized consistent control of energy consumption for each branch (electricity, water, gas and heat). Our solution will help banks and post offices adopt a centralized policy to reduce energy consumption and cost through optimized management of their equipment and systems.
Energy consumption and cost monitoring of all branches
  • Analyze the consumption and cost during different time periods. E.g.: evaluate minimum consumption and cost during nights or holidays, consumption and cost during peak hours, etc.
  • Define custom criteria to compare multiple branches of different types, sizes, geographical areas, number of employees, etc.
  • Create reference consumption profiles and identify branches whose consumption deviates from the reference profiles by evaluating the differences in consumption during similar time periods.
Alarms and reports to identify abnormal consumption, problems or inefficiencies
  • Automated detection of anomalies and their causes (e.g.: interior lights or air conditioners turned on at night or on holidays, loss or theft of water, etc.).
  • Identification of branches with abnormal consumption compared to previous time periods (e.g.: Branch 1 consumed 90% more energy this week).
  • Identification of branches consuming more energy than the other branches with similar characteristics (e.g.: Branch 1 consumes 30% more energy than Branch 2 present in the same area with same number of employees).
Benchmarking and energy cost accounting
  • Accounting for total cost per branch with the data updated every 15 minutes.
  • Assign energy saving targets to the branch managers.
  • Negotiations of new terms and rates with suppliers of energy/water/gas based on the analysis and results obtained from individual branches.
Criteria based monitoring and alerts - automation system
Alarms or environmental parameters can be controlled on an hourly basis or based on event occurance.
Some examples:
  • Turn off lights, air conditioners, water supply, solenoid valves, etc. during nights and holidays.
  • Lights, air conditioning systems, etc. turned on in case of presence detection during nights or holidays.
  • Lights and air conditioning systems adjusted according to the brightness and ambient temperature.
bank and postoffice
bank and postoffice
bank and postoffice
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